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Our Services

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Structural Investigation of Existing Buildings & Expert Witness Testimony

experience and knowledge

We have 50 years of experience designing and investigating buildings of all types. Because of this level of knowledge, we are often called upon by our clients to determine the feasibility of renovating or restoring existing buildings, or testifying as expert witnesses. We have also been called upon to assist Contractors, when given an exceptional construction challenge, to help create innovative and practical construction procedures.

Research and Development

innovation and revitalization

We design new buildings every day; sometimes we design new ways to build them too. Innovation is not a new thing at RDA, in the 1970’s RDA was recognized for designing two modular precast building systems for Tougaloo College in Mississippi and the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. RDA also helped pioneer the way for fabric structures by developing and designing some of the first fabric structures, including Chene Park in Detroit, Michigan and a fabric roof for a Detroit based HMO. Today we are working to revitalize the forgotten system of hybrid masonry and steel construction as well as find better concrete mixes that can be more aesthetically pleasing and structurally efficient.

Meet the Team

Stephen M. Rudner, PE, RA

Vice President and Corporate Secretary