Business Philosophy
That means using our talents and experience, coupled with current technology to think creatively while collaborating with our clients and their team to achieve the goals of the project. Those goals often include an economical and efficient design that meets budgets, complex architectural features that make the project unique and exciting, sustainable building practices for both the construction and management of the building, and completing projects on time. Delivering the results is not easy, and it sets Robert Darvas Associates apart from the competition.

There is nothing more exciting for us than designing, especially when it presents a design challenge. In addition to our expertise in the field of structural engineering, our principals have educational and professional backgrounds in architecture, real estate developing and construction. Because of this, we better understand our client’s intent and design with that target in mind.

We understand that design is an iterative process. Getting to the final answer requires studying options, false starts and wrong turns. Our clients rely on us to answer their questions and provide solutions. Our engineers are responsive allowing that process to flow faster and smoother.

What Others Are Saying

The way we design, we expect our structural engineers to be creative partners, ready to consider almost anything, while maintaining the critical discipline essential to their craft. RDA never disappoints, they never resort to the easy answer which is “no,” and any answer they give us is always fully vetted.

Joseph Valerio
Valerio Dewalt Train Associates

RDA has been a consistent influence on progressive thinking in the structural design discipline for numerous architects and designers. For the past decade, inFORM studio (formerly Van Tine Guthrie Studio) has collaborated with colleagues at RDA to achieve some of its most celebrated work including the Traverwood Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the winning entry for the Bagley Pedestrian Bridge in Detroit. Innovative thinking and a desire to engage the design process conceptually rather than purely analytically allows RDA to contribute in ways that only few structural engineers can.

Michael Guthrie, AIA
inForm Studio

I have had the good fortune of knowing and working with Bob Darvas for more than 40 years, first as a student of his and then as an admirer of his firm’s outstanding structural engineering capabilities. RDA has always provided incredible insight and innovation for our projects. Bob’s unique personality always brings a sense of delight to professional practice.

Terry Sargent, AIA
Lord Aeck & Sargent Architecture