We value technology where it brings greater efficiency and insight, but we believe that true structural design requires a holistic understanding of engineering principles, architecture, and construction. We strive to respond to the challenges created by balancing these things with grace and efficiency on every project we work on.

Our flexibility in methods allows us to creatively and cost effectively meet the needs of our clients, both large and small. These methods vary from cutting edge building information modeling, high powered finite element analysis and 3-D renderings to simple hand calculations, proprietary programs and well organized and presented drawings.

Structural Engineering:
complexity, aesthetics, renovation
Our firm designs buildings of all sizes and complexity with timber, steel, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, post tensioned concrete, and masonry.  We also work with special structures such as cable tensioned fabric and structural aluminum. New buildings, additions and renovations are the majority of our work, but we also have experience and the capability to engineer bridges and hydraulic projects. In addition, while we thrive on designing complex structures and are often called upon when the aesthetics of the structure are critical, we also often design small structures, residences, and provide structural inspections and investigations for all types of buildings and clients.

Research and Development:
innovation and revitalization
We design new buildings every day; sometimes we design new ways to build them too. Innovation is not a new thing at RDA, in the 1970’s RDA was recognized for designing two modular precast building systems for Tougaloo College in Mississippi and the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. RDA also helped pioneer the way for fabric structures by developing and designing some of the first fabric structures, including Chene Park in Detroit, Michigan and a fabric roof for a Detroit based HMO. Today we are working to revitalize the forgotten system of hybrid masonry and steel construction as well as find better concrete mixes that can be more aesthetically pleasing and structurally efficient.

Sustainable Design:
new technologies and research
We are committed to doing our part to help create a more sustainable world. We are currently working with new technologies and research in efforts to reduce material use in building construction and increase the amount of recycled materials in their construction. Most notably is our experience in using the advancements in material science that allow us to use high recycled content concrete mix designs in our designs which have material property, environmental and cost advantages in certain applications.

Structural Investigation of Existing Buildings & Expert Witness Testimony:
experience and knowledge
We have 50 years of experience designing and investigating buildings of all types. Because of this level of knowledge, we are often called upon by our clients to determine the feasibility of renovating or restoring existing buildings, or testifying as expert witnesses. We have also been called upon to assist Contractors, when given an exceptional construction challenge, to help create innovative and practical construction procedures.